How to Support Yourself with ADHD/Autism

Use the 3 A’s of Self-Support to Make Your Life a Little Easier

Rachel Anne Helms
6 min readOct 5, 2023

When you have ADHD or Autism, it can be difficult to meet your basic needs on a daily basis.

Especially, when we’re feeling overwhelmed (which for many of us is a lot of the time). Things like eating, drinking water, showering, or brushing your teeth can feel impossible.

The struggle is real.

Yet, basic self-care is very important. When you neglect to eat, drink water, shower, or brush your teeth, it can make things worse. Fast.

Dehydration can actually make you feel depressed and give you brain fog. Definitely not something we need more of…

So, now’s a good time to take a few sips of water if you haven’t in a while :)

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P.S. — If you want to watch instead of reading, I posted a YouTube video on this topic! Check it out here.

So what can we do?

We have to make our lives more sustainable, and we can do that by using The 3 A’s of Self-Support.

When you’re struggling, feeling overwhelmed, or going through your daily life, use The 3 A’s as a filter to make sure:



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